Preparing for your "Paw-Trait" session.

To get the very best from your session at our studio we would recommend that you exercise your dog beforehand - especially if they are one of the more active breeds, Spaniel, Gun Dog or Hound or quite young and hyper-active.


1) What Should I Bring To The Photo Session

As you’d expect we have plenty of treats and toys in the studio, but in case your dog is fussy or easily get an upset tummy we always recommend you bring a few of their own favourite treats along, it’s also helpful if you bring something along that smells of them, a favourite toy or comfort blanket usually works best especially if they are young or a puppy.


2) How Long Do The Sessions Last

The shoots don’t generally last longer than an hour and most are finished much sooner but it always depends on the dogs - some dogs take to the new environment and lights pretty easily - others need a bit of work (read bribery!!) but either way the sessions are fun and the dogs love it. We do two or three set changes in that time and use different props to give plenty of variation - but we also shoot the standard close up face portrait too!  


3) Does my pet need to be trained for the session

Certainly not! We often work with rescue animals that have limited knowledge of basic commands. Sure, knowing basic commands such as sit, come and lay down are helpful, but they aren’t required. Pug parents, don’t worry if your little one’s pugginess flares up and he or she chooses not to sit when asked. They will eventually sit, and that’s when we'll get the shot.  If necessary, we can work some magic in Photoshop to remove leads and or hands.


4) Can I be included in some of the photos with my pet

Yes, of course! Let us know before your appointment. Compliment your pet’s fur with solid colour clothing and pick a neutral colour (not matching) that hides pet hair. Avoid white.


5) How far in advance do you schedule sessions

We use an online booking & scheduling system which is "self book" - this means you get to see our calendar availability in real time - you can book between three days and 12 months in advance.


6) What Happens After the Session

After your dog has been photographed we will carefully select only the best images and further enhance them, so you see only the best of the best. You will be invited back to the studio for a viewing approximately two weeks later - where you will be able to view the finished images projected onto a cinematic screen and decide which portraits you would like to purchase.

We have a number of different options available from the conventional luxury deep canvas, to the contemporary Art Panel Multi's through to the more traditional glass framed products. We only source the highest quality products and never have more than seven type products on display. Our clients love the products we source and the beautiful images we create and this is shown by the fact our average client spend is £350.

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