The Gloucester Dog Photographer Studio

Upon the gracious grounds of The Gloucester Dog Photographer, a sublime sight awaits the discerning eye. We are indeed honoured to bear testament to a purpose-built sanctuary for the craft of canine portraiture. A charming alcove, nestled amidst the verdant expanse of our garden, resplendent with its own dedicated entrance – a gateway that opens to an artistic realm, guided by the familiar chime of the property's buzzer.

A sight to behold, our studio's layout is a marvel of efficiency and aesthetic appeal. It can be shaped into as many as nine diverse sets, each a canvas awaiting the unique narrative of its canine subject. This optimises the use of precious time, making every moment count, and yielding a treasure trove of variegated images that capture a spectrum of moods and moments.

Elevating the visual symphony of enchantment are our carefully curated studio props. A selection of Chesterfield chairs, timeless ambassadors of aristocratic elegance, stand ready to lend a touch of refinement to the photographs. A vintage Chaise lounge, reminiscent of a bygone era of opulence, too, is at the ready, offering a distinctive backdrop that adds a veneer of classic charm to the portraits.

The Gloucester Dog PhotographerThe Gloucester Dog Photographer

The spacious studio welcomes family members to observe as we capture stunning images of your beautiful dog. With cozy furnishings, an abundance of dog treats, and a lively atmosphere, we strive to make every customer's experience extraordinary.


In the fortified embrace of our studio, dog-friendly in every nuance, an extraordinary sojourn awaits your faithful companion. A sanctuary that prides itself on being a haven for dogs, it ensures an atmosphere of comfort and delight for your pet. Here, they shall find themselves the focus of affection and indulgence, engaged in a delightful tête-à-tête with a companion quite unlike any other.

With Colin, your beloved companion shall find themselves not just the subject of a photograph, but the star of a story being etched onto a canvas of light and shadows. His patience and devotion to his craft ensure that every photograph is not just an image but a memory frozen in time.

The Gloucester Dog PhotographerThe Gloucester Dog Photographer

Hence, it is with a sense of quiet pride that we affirm, your visit to The Gloucester Dog Photographer will yield far more than just photographs. It will bestow upon you a collection of cherished memories, an anthology of moments forever frozen in time, each image a testament to a bond that transcends the boundaries of species - a keepsake you shall treasure for all eternity.

Once the spectacle of the photography session concludes, a fresh chapter awaits in your journey with The Gloucester Dog Photographer. A missive, as warm as the sun-dappled cobblestones of Gloucester, shall find its way to you, cordially inviting you back to our artistic sanctuary. This invitation serves as a gateway to a design consultation steeped in personalisation.

In this enlightening encounter, you shall find yourself at the heart of the creative process. Colin, your guide through this endeavour, shall don his cap as an artistic consultant, leading you through a world aglow with the vivid hues of the photographs that were born of your pet's session.

Herein lies the delight of selection, the privilege to hand-pick from the smorgasbord of images that lay before you. Each snapshot a testament to your pet's unique personality, awaiting your discerning eye to transform them into tangible memories.

With Colin's adept guidance, you shall navigate this sea of images, cherry-picking those that resonate with your heartstrings the most. These chosen pieces shall then be given a new lease of life, metamorphosing into exquisite wall art, a testament to your pet's charisma etched in colours and light.

Perhaps, you might find yourself drawn towards the charm of an album, each page a leaf from your pet's vibrant story, bound together in a tapestry of memories. Or a memory box shall catch your fancy, a treasure chest to safeguard the unique tales of your pet's journey.

At The Gloucester Dog Photographer, every photograph is not merely a frame, but a promise of a memory preserved, ready to be morphed into a medium of your choosing. Each session, thus, not only captures moments, but creates keepsakes, turning fleeting instances into enduring artistry.



Please Note:- There are no toilet or wash room facilities onsite - the nearest toilet facility is at Robinswood Country Park - 2 minutes from us.