Make Your House a Home


In the realm of capturing light and shadow, there is an adage that speaks truth to our trade - images are best beheld when graced in the physical form of print. Our duty is to ensure you reap the fullest of fruits from the labours of our lenses, and that such fruits withstand the relentless march of time.

Our assemblage of photographic offerings is woven from the very finest, superior and time-resistant materials known to this United Kingdom of ours, promising enjoyment not just for the fleeting now, but echoing through the halls of the generations yet to come. These pieces, once gracing the walls of your abode, shall morph into the most personal of artistry, holding stories and moments caught in the blink of a lens.

In the matter of investments, our patrons, on an average, bestow a sum of £650 in exchange for these pieces of premium wall art. Rest assured, we stand ready to co-operate, to make certain that your investment aligns comfortably with your purse, while ensuring your needs are met with utmost satisfaction



Should you desire that which elicits an exclamation of wonderment, a statement of unparalleled magnificence within your residence, cast your eyes upon our Aluminium marvel - a spectacle that embodies the essence of it all.

Let it not be mere words that sing praises of this wonder, but allow your own eyes to behold, your own senses to marvel, and let it be known that our Aluminium masterpiece is the embodiment of the 'WOW' factor!"

From £549

Classic or Vintage Frame 

With an air of modern elegance, our Classic Frames offer the simplicity of monochrome in either jet black or stark white, measuring precisely an inch. These adornments permit the indulgence of personal preference, presenting an array of choices in both the style of the mount and the hue that would best suit.

Our esteemed Vintage Frame, the Heritage, admired and sought after, exudes a quiet grace, effortless in its charm. It is made available in five hues, each subtle and refined as a misty dawn. A magnificent array of print finishes lay before you, akin to the splendid display at a haberdashery, alongside a spectrum of mount colours and an assortment of layout options. Among these, the multi aperture option presents itself, evoking a sense of artful composition and careful design. Thus, we cater to every nuance of your personal taste, promising a bespoke adornment to hold your cherished pet's portrait.

From £649

Art Panel

Craft an exhibit of modest grandeur with our distinguished Art Panel. Our technique showcases a portrait - a tribute to the art of photography, encased by a subtle ebony border, a whisper of refinement. Such a display, unassuming in its magnificence, accommodates the financial comfort of every patron, while ensuring a captivating tableau that leaves an indelible impression on every beholder.

From £649

Fine Art Book

The portraits housed within this elegantly devised and meticulously crafted tome find their form on the exquisite surface of Mohawk paper. This union gifts each image a delightful texture, imbuing life and depth into each canine subject. With a selection of fine art linen to shroud the cover, this book transforms into an artifact of unparalleled grandeur. This magnificent testament to the artisan's craft promises to enrich your abode with its presence, bearing witness to the extraordinary bond shared between human and hound
from £549